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prestashop 1.5 Always guest customer registration type


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Since couple of days i'm fighting with this problem.

I want to change default registration form in prestashop to guest registration form - that you have in checkout process (when guest checkout is enable)


Result I want to get is that customer can create new account but without getting Customer status, I want to manually Transform him into a Customer in back office.

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Yes, I want to manually activate customers, I tried to do this by disable customer activation in registration form (active=0 and logged=0) and it works fine only when customer create account by default registration form, but causes wierd problems in process when guest want to purchase something (guest checkout enable), because "active" and "logged" value was set on false, customer after filling purchase form and click Continue was moved to the same empty purchase form.


So I found another solution, if only way to register will be form like in guest purchase, which create Guest account, Guests can't login to shop if we won't active them manually



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