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[SOLVED] Domain down after enabling "HTTPS protocol" - PS


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Dear Sirs,


After I enabling "HTTPS protocol" I've lost FO and BO access.


I don't have a dedicated ip and ssl certificate. I didn't know that I really need that.


Where can I reverse this situation?


This is my domain:



Thanks in advance

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Connect to your database (with phpMyAdmin, etc.)

-find table named 'configuration'

-find column 'name'

-find row where name = PS_SSL_ENABLED

-in that row change field 'value' to '0'


Here is SQL for doing that manually:

UPDATE `configuration` SET `value`=0 WHERE `name` = 'PS_SSL_ENABLED';

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Ok lets try another one :P


Server is sending "500 Internal Server Error" maybe You change some settings in your server software?

Look in server error log, maybe there will be answer what's the problem.


Error log is empty and I didn't change nothing in cpanel...

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So You probably need to inform hosting support about that situation. They will know what to do, maybe owner of "onewaytek.com" do something that's affect your shop.

Good luck.


They're already working in my ticket.


You may have reason about the "onewaytek.com"

I'll update this info for them.


Thanks a lot Piotr for you time :)


I will post here the problem/solution



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So, after several ticket emails, suport chat and a lot of search, I found a topic talking about turning on developer mode, and get the full details of the error "define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);" in config/defines.inc.php


The error was "home/user/public_html/cache/class_index.php on line 258"


Opened the file and because I'm just a retailer seller everything seems fine, but it looks strange that the last line wasn't finish with ' as the other lines, so I compare with another class_index.php file and I don't know how but this is whats missing at the end of the doc:


); ?>


Its weird how this happened but now its solved, and stay's here one solution for a huge problem.

Just to remember you guys that today with this issue I've lost completely everything for a blank page, even the BO.


Know I have my sweet store again with everything I had :)


It's in production but soon it will be selling.


Check and tip me if you found something that could be better, specially SEO stuff :)



p.s. Piotr thank you one more time

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