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Gift Wrapping Price in Cart Summary


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Hi everybody;


I use vs. and I have a problem with gift wrapping price in cart summary. When I choose gift wrapping on checkout page, it's price is added to total price but not shown as a seperate price like in cart summary;


Total gift-wrapping (tax incl.): 5$


I found the reason of this. In cart-summary.js there is piece of javascipt code on row 621:


if (json.discounts.length === 0)


this code remove cart_total_voucher class from DOM and because of "Total gift-wrapping (tax incl.):" in this class it cannot shown. Actually prestashop try to display it with this code in cart-summary.js:


if (json.total_wrapping > 0)
 $('#total_wrapping').html(formatCurrency(json.total_wrapping, currencyFormat, currencySign, currencyBlank));


but it can not.


If we don't remove "cart_total_voucher" class we can display gift wrapping price.


What do you think about this solution? Or any other solution for this?

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