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Feasibility of adding popup or redirect at checkout?


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Hi PrestaShopers, I am exploring alternatives to my current oSCommerce cart.

I have modified it a lot to fit our need of collecting additional information at the time of checkout. We are a tour operator so need for the customer to select their ship, and then their date of embarkation from a dependent listbox and have that information stored with the order. We also need to collect passport information for each member of their group. I do that now but displaying an editable grid that creates a passport record for each member. The cart creates a PDF excursion ticket for each member.

All that works well but it is a nightmare to keep working with various version or security updates of the core oSC code. It took me a long time to get everything working but fear if anything breaks it, it will be too difficult to troubleshoot and repair or add new features.

So my question is, how hard is it to create modules that do not disturb the core cart to add these and similar functions in PrestaShop? I am just too busy with running a business to spend so much time on building the custom cart features and add additional features.


I have not downloaded the cart yet to really spend time learning its structure but will if the consensus is that what I want to do is practical.

After the order in in the database, I use separate applications I have written to process the order, schedule resources, vehicles, guides, order museum tickets, creating a custom PDF tour booklet based on the exact itinerary they booked, and create visa documents as an automated process. That was relatively easy since I was not dealing with any of the "fragile" oSC code and was entirely separate, only access the common database.

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