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הנפקת סיסמא חדשה במקום סיסמת אדמין שאבדה או לא הגיעה ליעדה


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תורגם מצרפתית

New admin password instead of a lost admin password

1 - settings.inc.php open the file in the config folder.
2 - make a "copy" of the code that follows "cookie_key" without ".
3 - you paste in the window of the site http://www.md5.fr/
4 - you add the password you want to following the code that you pasted in the window.
5 - you click on the button.
You copy the generated code.
7 - you open your database, you open the table "ps_employee"
8 - do you "edit" and you paste the code in the window password.
9 - update
10- you can enter with new password


('_COOKIE_KEY_', 'рппарпарпар676576576576апвап')

md5 > рппарпарпар676576576576апвапNEWPASSWORD

you get > ec9a3b902e8d7d3c7e76388043c25945

you paste this in DB table "ps_employee" password field

click "go"


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