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Solving Common Email Issues In Prestashop


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There are a few reasons why Prestashop cannot send emails from your server, the most common ones are:

  • "From" field doesn't match your domain.

  • Incompatible additional headers.

Below are solutions to both:

In /tools/swift/Swift/Message.php line #79




$this->setFrom("[email protected]");


In /tools/swift/Swift.php after line 370

if (!($has_reply_to = $message->getReplyTo())) $message->setReplyTo($from);

Add the following code:

if (!$has_reply_to[0])



Now try sending a contact message....


If it still doesn’t work, make the following change:

In /tools/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php line # 159


$params = "";

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stumbled across the same info on presto chango and it worked for me, i'm hosting with FATCOW php 5.3.13 and had to make the changes to messages.php and add the lines to swift.php


possibly this could be added to the email config page for furture updates. seems simple enough.

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does the test email work? if not maybe setup SMTP to send the mail and make sure the yourdomainname.com above is actually your domain and email mail box.


double check your spam folder.


maybe you are having trouble with you host. ask them if they see any issues. check your log. look up writing a simple php file to send a test mail. else you should just call your customers... joking... try making a simple .php send mail() file and let us know what kind of errors you get from there.


good luck.

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I would say host is fine then. Are you sure you have the mail alert module setup correctly and that the necessary templates are in order?


Edit: after rereading your post it could be a host problem if the email is sent successfully but not received. If you are send to an email address thwt is a permanent FWD it could be stopping it. I had thqt issue with a gmail account and had to create a filter. I haven't looked into changing the templates so they are missed by any spam filter.

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