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Refuse To Execute Valid Sql


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I have a problem. My PS 1.5.2 refuses to execute valid SQL statement. I don't know why.


The code is:

Db::getInstance()->execute('INSERT INTO `'._DB_PREFIX_.'slider` (`id_slider_image`,`name`, `position`) VALUES (NULL,"'.$name.'", '.$position.')');


which leads to result


INSERT INTO `ps_slider` (`id_slider_image`,`name`, `position`) VALUES (NULL,"Filter_bg.png", 1)


which is absolutely correct. If I take this result and copy it to the phpmyadmin SQL console, it works. So could anybody please tell me, where could be the problem?


I found out, that even a pure php functions isn't working too. But selecting is ok. Could be some permission problem? It's my own plugin. But if I can do select sqls why not the insert ones?


If I do this:


   $sql = "INSERT INTO `"._DB_PREFIX_."slider` (`id_slider_image`,`name`, `position`) VALUES (NULL,'".$name."', ".$position.")";   
   $result = mysql_query($con,$sql)
  or die("Bad query: " . mysql_error());


it exists with this:


Bad query:


Where could be problem?



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No, it won't work. It simply doesn't insert anything. And this problem is focusing only to my plugin. Others working well. So I guess there must be something with permission (or anything like that). Because it doesn't throw any error message, even with all debuging on.

Strange is, that when I try to force him to do this function,it leaves the blank page (but no error, nothing, just blank page).


I've never has any experience with behavior like this.

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