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Help For Removing Shipping Costs


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Ok, follow the guide: find blockcart module and edit blockcart.tpl and comment this:

<span id="cart_block_shipping_cost" class="price ajax_cart_shipping_cost">{$shipping_cost}</span>
  <span>{l s='Shipping' mod='blockcart'}</span>
  {if $show_wrapping}
   {assign var='cart_flag' value='Cart::ONLY_WRAPPING'|constant}
   <span id="cart_block_wrapping_cost" class="price cart_block_wrapping_cost">{if $priceDisplay == 1}{convertPrice price=$cart->getOrderTotal(false, $cart_flag)}{else}{convertPrice price=$cart->getOrderTotal(true, $cart_flag)}{/if}</span>
   <span>{l s='Wrapping' mod='blockcart'}</span>
  {if $show_tax && isset($tax_cost)}
   <span id="cart_block_tax_cost" class="price ajax_cart_tax_cost">{$tax_cost}</span>
   <span>{l s='Tax' mod='blockcart'}</span>

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Thank you very much. It work even on latest version 1.5.3


I have other question - Could you tell me whether I can remove Shipping from "Shopping cart summary"

I want to stay only on the end of shopping process. I want to stay only when you have to choose"Payment Method"

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Hi there. I tried this mod. While it removed the title 'Shipping' from the blockcart - the total still shows the shipping amount.


We want to change the 'Total' to 'Sub-Total' and have the amount show only the total of products minus vouchers.


Can anyone help in pulling this sub-total (products minus vouchers) amount?


I believe it has to do with pulling the right reference in the following code


  <span id="cart_block_total" class="price ajax_block_cart_total">{$total}</span>
  <span>{l s='Sub-Total' mod='blockcart'}</span>


any help would be great!

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