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  1. forgot about PaymentModule.php in the overide classes folder... I get a number now - but it is not the correct number. It is the tax before voucher when I need the tax AFTER voucher. This is also an issue on the Order Details and the Invoice calculations. for those two how can I change <tr class="item"> <td colspan="{if $return_allowed || $order->hasProductReturned()}{if $order->hasProductReturned() && $return_allowed}7{else}6{/if}{else}5{/if}"> {l s='Total products'} {if $use_tax}{l s='(tax incl.)'}{/if}: <span class="price">{displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->getTotalProductsWithTaxes() currency=$currency}</span> </td> </tr> to show the correct tax? The goal is to get all of this to show exactly as it does on the cart summary. Total Products (no tax) - Vouchers Plus Tax Plus Shipping = Total Even though the MATH is correct for the total the displays are confusing.
  2. I turned on error reporting and got the following. Warning: Division by zero in /home/content/77/10148277/html/shop/tools/tcpdf/tcpdf.php on line 22977 Warning: array_fill() [function.array-fill]: Number of elements must be positive in /home/content/77/10148277/html/shop/tools/tcpdf/tcpdf.php on line 22979 TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file Line 22979 is $table_colwidths = array_fill(0, $dom[$key]['cols'], $table_min_column_width);
  3. adding tax to e-mail confirmation isn't taking. I followed: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/d8f5caee7b8af096d2a0dc73ddf22d031abdf355 but yet I get this (see attached jpg) any ideas?
  4. I haven't come across any irregularities yet as far as calculations. All I really want to do here is add to the e-mail confirmation the sales tax as a separate line item OR make it match the INVOICE / DETAILS output.
  5. So you are saying because the table gets so large it disappears? That makes some sense. (MSWORD does strange things with tables) But how do I fix it. Is it a code issue with prestashop or with the TCPDF files?
  6. We are running as the site was built when that came out, at this point i'm afraid it will have to stick. Too many small changes on files. What do you mean invoice and email calc problems? I've been trying to add sales tax to the e-mail confirmation but it doesn't want to stick. If I replace in the order_conf.html and {value} that is defined in classes/PaymentModule.php and already in use on the e-mail it will duplicate the value but even if I put a different {values} not currently being used on the order_conf.html it just pops up in the e-mail as hard text.
  7. Invoice seem to generate ok if all the content fits on one page. But now I notice that for larger / longer orders the pdf. Invoices are blank with only the standard header / footer. Is this a know issue as hinted or is it fixable.
  8. I also would like to know how to do this.
  9. UPDATE ON #4 (In essence want to replace the gift wrapping line item with the tax on the e-mail conf) I added this to Payment_Module.php '{total_tax}' => Tools::displayPrice($order$->total_tax, $this->context->currency, false)); And added {total_tax} where I wanted it to show up on the e-mail, but not getting anything.
  10. Any help with the following changes would be brilliant!! 1) Order Summery (Root/themes/your-theme/shopping-cart.tpl) This layout is fine. Would in the future like shipping to say 'FREE!' when the voucher includes free shipping. 2) Payment Summery (Root/modules/egrpaypalpaymentsadvanced/confirm-payment.tpl) i TRUMPED THIS BY DELETING THE TABLE AND LEAVING JUST THE TOTAL. 3a) Root/themes/your-theme/order-detail.tpl Again, just want to match the others Need to remove 'tax excl.' from Total Products (can do this with translations i guess) Remove Total products (tax incl.) ADD line for tax Here is what I believe is the potion of code for those changes: {if $priceDisplay && $use_tax} <tr class="item"> <td colspan="{if $return_allowed || $order->hasProductReturned()}{if $order->hasProductReturned() && $return_allowed}7{else}6{/if}{else}5{/if}"> {l s='Total products (tax excl.):'} <span class="price">{displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->getTotalProductsWithoutTaxes() currency=$currency}</span> </td> </tr> {/if} <tr class="item"> <td colspan="{if $return_allowed || $order->hasProductReturned()}{if $order->hasProductReturned() && $return_allowed}7{else}6{/if}{else}5{/if}"> {l s='Total products'} {if $use_tax}{l s='(tax incl.)'}{/if}: <span class="price">{displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->getTotalProductsWithTaxes() currency=$currency}</span> </td> </tr> {if $order->total_discounts > 0} <tr class="item"> <td colspan="{if $return_allowed || $order->hasProductReturned()}{if $order->hasProductReturned() && $return_allowed}7{else}6{/if}{else}5{/if}"> {l s='Total vouchers:'} <span class="price-discount">{displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_discounts currency=$currency convert=1}</span> </td> </tr> {/if} {if $order->total_wrapping > 0} <tr class="item"> <td colspan="{if $return_allowed || $order->hasProductReturned()}{if $order->hasProductReturned() && $return_allowed}7{else}6{/if}{else}5{/if}"> {l s='Total gift-wrapping:'} <span class="price-wrapping">{displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_wrapping currency=$currency}</span> </td> </tr> {/if} <tr class="item"> <td colspan="{if $return_allowed || $order->hasProductReturned()}{if $order->hasProductReturned() && $return_allowed}7{else}6{/if}{else}5{/if}"> {l s='Total shipping'} {if $use_tax}{l s='(tax incl.)'}{/if}: <span class="price-shipping">{displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_shipping currency=$currency}</span> </td> </tr> <tr class="totalprice item"> <td colspan="{if $return_allowed || $order->hasProductReturned()}{if $order->hasProductReturned() && $return_allowed}7{else}6{/if}{else}5{/if}"> {l s='Total:'} <span class="price">{displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_paid currency=$currency}</span> </td> </tr> </tfoot> </table> </div> 3b)Root/classes/PDF.php I image that the code change for the above might be the same for the invoice to reflect the same info in PDF.php? 4) BO>Translations>E-mailtemplatetranslations I will work on this.
  11. We have our site up and running (but not officially launched) and while the check-out process itself is fine we have a completely non-consistent order summery from one page/invoice to the next. You will see in the .jpg that the way the order summery (on the shopping cart page) order summer (on the payment page) order history (after order) on the 'details' page and the generated .pdf invoice as well as the e-mail invoice ALL use different calculations and formats and even headings. ITS ALL VERY CONFUSING and should all just be the same. Our preference would simply to be this: (the voucher showing the total discount plus shipping is fine in this case it is $7.10) Total Products: $3.00 Product voucher discount: -$1.50 Total Tax: $0.13 Total Shipping: FREE! Total: $1.63 The first part is that I need to know what files control each of the (5) different outputs. If you can point me where to edit, at least that is a start. Then if you know what exactly I need to edit - that would be even great!!! Thanks!!
  12. We would really like to make orders automatically change to the status of 'Shipped' once the tracking number is entered and the 'In Tansit' email is sent. Right now if you put the tracking # in - the order status doesn't change. (Through other forum posts we already have turned off e-mail for the 'Shipped' status and will modify the 'In Tansit' email to look more like the shipped e-mail. So this mod is to help a lot in the BO and what the status is of each order.) Thanks!
  13. That did it Nemo - thanks! I found the code you referenced though back in the productscategory.tpl though. So here is a wrap up for those who may be looking for the same result. I'm on - your results may vary. all changes to code were done for me in Root/modules/productscategory/productscategory.tpl file 1) Remove scroll by replacing the code: {if count($categoryProducts) > 5}productscategory{else}productscategory_noscroll{/if} with... productscategory_noscroll 2) Remove ‘prev’ and ‘next’ buttons by deleting or commenting out: {if count($categoryProducts) > 5}<a id="productscategory_scroll_left" title="{l s='Previous' mod='productscategory'}" href="javascript:{ldelim}{rdelim}">{l s='Previous' mod='productscategory'}</a>{/if} & {if count($categoryProducts) > 5}<a id="productscategory_scroll_right" title="{l s='Next' mod='productscategory'}" href="javascript:{ldelim}{rdelim}">{l s='Next' mod='productscategory'}</a>{/if} 3) To make the links stack with the frame or browser size remove the style tag as suggested after the <div id="productscategory_list"> In this case the code was changed from this... <div id="productscategory_list"> <ul {if count($categoryProducts) > 5}style="width: {math equation="width * nbImages" width=107 nbImages=$categoryProducts|@count}px"{/if}> to this... <div id="productscategory_list"> <ul {if count($categoryProducts) > 5}{/if}> Thanks again Nemo for your help.... the forum can use more people like you!!! i'm still looking for answers to many other questions... It take a community to raise a prestashop.
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