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Pswidget (Customhtml)


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Hi, just start with prestashop.


Currently adapting my first module, named "PSWidget".


Module adds smarty function {pswidget} + custom html renderer.


Module description:


0. Install pswidget module

1. Navigate to Preferences - PSWidget

2. Add new pswidget item with name (i.e. "test") and text field filled

3. Modify your whatever-template.tpl, adding pswidget call

{pswidget action="text" id="test" cache=300}

4. Refresh page to see changes


Draft code available:





Has some questions:


1. pswidget-form.png


How to change default selected value for radios: from No to Yes?


				'type' => 'radio',
				'label' => $this->l('Raw:'),
				'name' => 'raw',
				'required' => false,
				'is_bool' => true,
				'class' => 't',
				'values' => array(
						'id' => 'pswidget-b-2',
						'value' => 1,
						'label' => $this->l('Yes')
						'id' => 'pswidget-b-2',
						'value' => 0,
						'label' => $this->l('No')


2. How to implemet instant checkbox change in list view (like active=status)


		'plain' => array(
			'type'	  => 'bool',
			'title'	 => $this->module->l('plain'),
			'width'	 => 40,
			'align'	 => 'center',
//?			 'callback' => 'printPlainIcon'


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