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My Massive Shipping Table No Longer Will Update


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Hi there, I am using Prestashop and am having some trouble with my Shipping table.


My client has a very specific shipping table, which includes a different price based on weight and country, which means that I set up a new Zone for each country and that for each Country/Zone, I have 40 different weight options.


I first started by creating zones for all the countries they ship to starting with A, which is 14 countries, so that, plus the "All" row = 600 individual cells that need to be filled in on a single page.


I filled those all in and saved them without problem.


I then when on to add all the zones/countries up to the end of H (so around 4,450 individual cells on a single page), and that's where I ran into problems. I can no longer edit the numbers I had already entered for A countries, nor can I add data to the new countries. If I delete those all the way back to A, it works again, even with just 1 B zone/country it stops working.


Does anyone have any solutions for this problem? It is very frustrating as it is the only thing (at the moment) that would keep me moving my client to Presta)


You can see a cropped screenshot of what the table looks like here: https://www.evernote...1dbce241f9f51ad





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