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Tip Module For Tires The Prestashop


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Hi, I have a great need for assistance Prestashop.

Do not know, but I hope you can help me.


I am from Bulgaria and recently discovered Prestashop.

My interest is as a store, but I do not know many things.


I saw the website and I loved showing module


type, width. height, size, inch, diameter http://www.pneumatikator.cz/


Do you have any idea how I can do it on my site for tires.

I read somewhere that you can do with Layered Navigation module, but I do not know how.


Please help explain to me how I can put that on my site.

I am willing to pay as much as they should.


Thanks very much and would be glad if you help me.


Sincerely: N. Zarabov


P.S. Please excuse me use googletranslate :)

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