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Adding Products With Webservice, The Things To Do First?


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Hi all, i'm getting into the webservice thing and i've got some questions about the order of the actions i have to do.


i have a new prestashop installation, i would like to populate it with products taken from a CSV that the client gave me.

this csv has for each line, a PRODUCT COLOR, with all the quanitites of all the sizes, so for instance, i'll have:


1 awesome product name; 10 dark black;1;4;5;5;5;5;xs;s;m;l;xl;xxl;23.45

2 awesome product name; 11 white;3;5;1;1;1;1;xs;s;m;l;xl;xxl;23.45

3 awesome product name; 31 Pink;5;6;2;3;4;5;xs;s;m;l;xl;xxl;23.45

4 another product name; 31 Pink;1;1;2;6;4;4;xs;s;m;l;xl;xxl;21.00

5 third product name; 11 white;1;;;;;;U;;;;;;21.00


note that the last product is present in only a size, with a single color, and there is only one of them in stock.



perfect, now i would like to understand the logic of what i'm going to do.


the first thing to do is to get ALL the product characteristics? i mean, i should insert the various "product_option_values" as they have been called in the webservice thingy? so i will insert:

  1. 10 dark black
  2. xs
  3. s
  4. m
  5. l
  6. xl
  7. xxl
  8. 11 white
  9. 31 pink
  10. U

which are all the characteristic used to make combinations in the file... then i have to insert each product, without combinations. So:

  1. awesome product name
  2. another product name
  3. third product name

then, i have to make the combinations, and insert them, using the product_option_values ids and item ids, then finally, i send images, yes i've got them too...


is that with some sense? or i'm getting all wrong?

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Hi I am newbie too.


I am not sure if I'm answering your question fine.


I think characteristings is one thing and atributes other.

To make combinations you should add atributes and values.

Then in combinations tab you will see all attributes and values, you can select them. But have no relations with characteristics, and as far as I know, your characteristics from first product will remain for all combinations, so the database have characteristics only for the main product not in the combinations.


Best regards

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