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Categories and Collections in Furniture Shop

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Hi everyone,


I am hoping that I am posting this thread in the correct section.


I am just wondering if the following scenario is possible to be setup using PrestaShop.


We would like to have a furniture shop.


1. In the shop, we would like the top navigation to list the areas in the house (e.g. dining, bedroom, etc). When we hover this, there will be a dropdown menu with a list of furniture type (e.g. dining chairs, dining tables, and so forth).


2. In addition to that, the left side will be a list of "collections". Each collection can contain items that are of different furniture types. E.g. Collection A can have a dining chair, living room chair, and so forth.


3. In the list of collections, there is a possibility to have a "special" collection. This collection will have a different layout page compared to the other collections.


Hence, I am wondering if:


1. Is this possible to use Prestashop? I can see that #1 is possible using the categories feature (1st level category as the areas in the house and 2nd level category as the furniture types). Also, #2 might be possible using "Suppliers" or "Manufacturers". What I am concerned, is there a way to actually separate "suppliers" / "manufactures" as "specials"?


2. If it is possible, can we actually create a specialized page for these?


Thank you so much for your help everyone! Any kind of suggestions would be great! I look forward to hear from you!

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