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How to show products in category form only one manufacturer?


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Dear all


Today if a customer goes to one of my product categories they will see products from many manufacturers. That's great, but I want to offer a possibility to click a "Show only products from XYZ-manufacturer" button. Clicking that button would then show all the product from XYZ-manufacturer in that specific category.


If in front- office I select a category I get to this URL: http://myshop.com/1-category_name

If the I select to sort the products by eg. price descending I get to this URL: http://myshop.com/1-...ce&orderway=asc


Now I wonder if its somehow possible to manually craft a URL similar to this: http://myshop.com/1-category_name?select=[manufacturer_ID]&orderby=price&orderway=asc ???


If this is possible, I would be very happy for any suggestions on the syntax for this to work.

If it's not possible this way, I'll be thankfull for any other suggestion on how to achieve the same...


NB: Presta's standard function "View all products by manufacturer" is not really an option, as most manufacturer have too many product for it to make sense.


Thanks a lot in advance! BR Peter

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