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The mighty CMS questions!

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Hi folks,


No 1:

How to include cms page in template page.

I believe this would be really useful for everyone as you can edit anything from admin including languages ...


Case: I want to have Terms and Conditions cms page on checkout page. The point is that i want customer to really read those terms and not just click on I agree.


Problem: I really dont know how to include cms page and the easiest solution would be trough {include} but i dont know how to call cms page and its ID



Im trying to figure out how to make list of cms pages in template page.

Iv tried to take code of such lists from cmsblockmodule, cms.tpl, footer, sitemap, etc ....


The point is that i wanna show the list of cms pages directly without configuring it trough module as it works on cms.tpl page.

Just simply load list of all the cms pages i have active back in CMS admin page.


thanks in advance

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so it seems like that i need to combine this(from OrderOpcController.php):



$cms = new CMS(Configuration::get('PS_CONDITIONS_CMS_ID'), $this->context->language->id);

$link_conditions = $this->context->link->getCMSLink($cms, $cms->link_rewrite, true);

if (!strpos($link_conditions, '?'))

$link_conditions .= '?content_only=1';


$link_conditions .= '&content_only=1';



with this(from forum by rocky for PS 1.3):



$cms = new CMS(1, intval($cookie->id_lang));

if (Validate::isLoadedObject($cms))

$smarty->assign('content', $cms->content);



and stick it there with this:




but how to combine it?


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