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Product / Cart Rules problem.

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Hi all,


I have a serious problem with some rules I have.


We sell electronic cigarettes, liquids and accessories for the e cigs.

We sell a kit with a free liquid of choice for the customer, so created a rule:

When a kit, and a liquid is added to the cart, the cost of the liquid is removed (making it a free product)

We also have an offer on liquids. They are £4.99 each, or 5 for £20, so I created a rule:

When a customer adds 5 liquids to the cart, £4.95 is removed to make the total £20.


The problem appears when a customer adds 1 kit and 5 liquids. (It should be 1 kit & 6 liquids)

PS sees the rule (kit & bottle), so makes the bottle free.

But, PS also see's 5 bottles, so gives a free bottle too.


Is there any known way to make the 1st free bottle (included with the kit), not available to be included in the other offer. ?


I hope I have explained myself properly :)


I cannot create a pack (which would be ideal) as the liquids have attributes.


Currently I have the liquids as 2 products, with lots of variations.

I am in the progress off creating all the flavours as individual products, with just the strength as variations (Because PS doesnt have dependant drop downs)


My site is here www.no-match.co.uk


PS 1.5.2

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Hello MerseyRay,


I have created a pack module which let you handle product's attribute, here have a look at it :

BO : http://v149.bebebabiz.com/admin149(demops@bebebabiz.com / dem0ps14)

FO : http://v149.bebebabiz.com/


I'm currently adapting it to version 1.5.X, let me know if you are interested by it.


Version 1.5.X is now available



Best regards


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