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Modifiy view from addproduct action in the backoffice


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Hi, if anyone coul help me i would be very happy!!


I'm new on Presta, and didn't find much information on how to modify the view that is rendered by any controller. In this particullar case i wanto to modify the view that comes when, in the backoffice, you want to add a new product. Basically i want to show other view when i press the addproduct button. The url that calls that button is -> prestaurl/adminsite/index.php?controller=adminproducts&addproduct&token=18028b94776533b5ae711fdc37a9e23a. so i went to AdminProductsController and tried to find the addprodcut action, but did not find it, i'm in the right way?


I attach an screenshot from the button who i want to modify it's response. post-449143-0-11191200-1356018246_thumb.jpg


Thanks in davance, sorry by my english

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