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hey guys.. thanks for all the help. I have a few question on how to fix images in my view product ( please check the image to see what i am talking about) Plus how to change the background.
click here to view live


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to change centre colum to black

you will have ot edit the gloabal.css file in your themes/css directory

find the #page statement

and add or alter

background: #000;

this should make the left, right and centre coloum have a black back ground

if you only want the centre column to have a black background

search for #center_column and add or alter the background statement in that section

to change the image colours you will need to edit the actual images

in your themedirectory /img folder

you will have to alter several files




hope this helps



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thanks Chris for the detail explanation. My main ubjective is to fix the problem in the image above. (items in the same category section)

If anyone can help me that will be great!!

Thank again

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Hi Sparior

If you wish to change the colour of the image buttons on your cart to blue to match your site color scheme then I have attached a zip file with the modified images in them. Unpack them and overwrite the images in the "img" folder of your theme you are using.

Now you should have nice blue buttons like here... http://www.littleduck-solutions.com/demoshop

Hope this help you out.. :)


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