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Translation saved only in part

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I installed the last version 1.2.03 . I created a new language (Romanian). Copied language files from French (copying English version results in blank lines). I open the Front Office translation and i see French words all over the lines. Perfect ! I start translating. I finish. Save ! When i open again the same to check what happens...first 203 lines are translated, then blank lines (not even the French ones are present).

I open the ftp to check the files. Suprise: Romanian file: 15.68kb, French: 40.89. I open both of them:
Romanian last phrase translated: line 203 - $_LANG['my-account_50af7000b0683817548606da2d62a019']; Then 204 is empty, and line 205 is ?>

French version: 519 lines of code.

All files are 777.

I has this problem in previous version and painstakingly i did the translation of each php file in notepad and then copied it with ftp.

The same problem happens with the translation of backoffice files and at the same point - after 203-205 lines of code, the translation is not saved anymore and the previous translation is erased.

I am desperately looking for a decent solution.

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