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Module "Front Tabs" not working in v1.5.2


Posted 10 December 2012 - 10:09 PM


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I'm running prestashop v1.5.2. I recently purchased a "Front Tabs" module (add "home page tabs" with any information. Unlike many other "home page tabs" that have standard product categories).

The module is listed for v1.4.7. I was hoping that it would work for v1.5.2, since this is the only module like this that I could find.

It's pretty close to working except, it displays all of the tabs at once, instead of showing only current tab that is being displayed and hiding the others (see attached file).

I've contacted the developer and he said that he would update the module but has not responded to current inquires.

The module only has 5 files;
  • ajax_blocktab.php
  • config.xml
  • fronttabs.tpl
  • fronttabs.php
  • postion.js
Does anyone know which file to begin looking in? and what to look for? There are a lot of "product tabs" modules out there, so I thinking that this should behave similar to those.

I've managed to create tabs in HTML but can't figure how to get or find what I'm looking for in the 5 files listed above.

Thanks in advance!


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