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Do something while calling actionPaymentConfirmation.


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I would like to execute my code while the hook actionPaymentConfirmation has been called.



User is changing order state to PaymentAccepted - and now I would like to execute my code from my module.

How can I do this?



I have this code:

// this also works, and is more future-proof
public function install() {
	return parent :: install()
 && $this->registerHook('actionPaymentConfirmation');
 public function hookActionPaymentConfirmation($params) {
   return Db::getInstance()->execute('
  UPDATE `'._DB_PREFIX_.'gp_history`
  SET `history_message`= `TEST23`
  WHERE `id_gp_history` = 2');

But it doesn't work :(




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I am not sure to understand but try this

public function hookUpdateOrderStatus($params)
if ( !($params['newOrderStatus']->id == Configuration::get('PS_OS_WS_PAYMENT'))  &&  !($params['newOrderStatus']->id == Configuration::get('PS_OS_PAYMENT') ) return ;


This is for 'remote payment accepted' and 'payment accepted' order status change.


Good luck :)

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