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Hi everyone,


I have a problem on a store running Prestashop the download email (with link to download) doesnt get sent out. Ive reverted back to original theme, changed order steps from 5, to 1, to 5, and nothing.


There doesnt seem to be a solution posted on the forum, I assume it should work as one person said in a post that they were running the same version and it was fine.


I just did a fresh install with new data base, just used the sample products that come with Prestashop, and it still doesnt work. you can download from the my account section but the download email doesnt get sent out (the order confirm, etc. do work).


Is this a permission issue on the server, what else can it be.


The theme says its compatible with so not sure if I can upgrade to a newer version in the 1.4 range.


The shop works fine it's just now that a couple of downloadable products have been added that this is has become an issue. (we also verified with more than one email adress to be sure it wasnt email client related).


Any help is greatly appreciated as I seem to be going round in circles.

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Just to add to this, I've installed a fresh and the virtual download email still doesn't get sent (order confirmation, payment accepted, payment error, etc do get sent out).


So I tried to install 1.4.1 and also 1.4.3 to see it would work, and no luck, they all send out the other email just not the download one.


This has me now thinking it might be something server related instead of Prestashop.


Does anyone have an idea? Im pulling my hair out here.

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