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I will start ranting a bit before contributing below with my SUGGESTION.


I spent the last 4 days wasting my time to upgrade a "stable" version and came to a conclusion. Prestashop launched a half ars product.


Manual and auto upgrade all don't work. I have read the entire forum, tried everything from using all browser to autograde, 777 module folders, played around with the buggy upgraded, got tonnes of errors.... too many to list.


It's actually very simple, most of you here want to upgrade because you want that nice theme out there waiting for you to be bought (most likely it is only compatible with 1.5+). Here's the thing, you can't buy the theme because you just can't successfully upgrade. If you do get to upgrade, 1.5 is still a half ars product. You never know if your newly purchase theme will work. Remember, theme developer only started work with a fresh 1.5 presta but you are installing theme on an upgraded presta. What are the chances of screwing up? HIGH.


I say until now and I foresee in the next half year, 1.5+ is NOT YET ready. I cannot imagine the countless store owners who curiously clicked on the "Hey upgrade to" link at dashboard and because they are new and didn't back up, got their store stucked. They cant roll back because even the autograde's rollback may get buggy!


Prestashop, you killed many shops out there. (not mine though).


SUGGESTION: Instead of doing upgrades and having so many people fail upgrade, you can have a module that extracts all orders, customers, address, products, categories etc, etc into an export file. Those who want to do upgrade will install a fresh 1.5 presta and install their favorite theme on it (sure to work as developer intended). Then use the export file to dump everything in. I know the db schema might be complicated but if you manage to get this right, you will save many innocent store owners their bread and butter.


The exported dump file may be in a type of file format that recognize data to its respective field. SQL weakness is it uses comma,,, to match fields. This is not good when 2 db has different db schema. I am not sure if you understand what i mean, but this solution can solve the problem of merging 2 different presta db with different db schema. That means no more worries with SQL in future upgrades.


My impression now is that once you start with version x of presta, you will be stuck in it for life. Until now, I have yet to see a successful version that is easy to upgrade (future-proof)


phew, let's see how many actually read the above chuck i typed =D

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