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Migrated 1.5.2 install & cannot login to backend

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I've migrated my website from a local server to a pre-production server ( pp.domain.com ).



- Frontend redirects to the local server

- Impossible to connect to backend


Steps taken:

- Migrated files

- Migrated database

- Configured database in config/settings.inc.php

- Changed PS_STORE_DOMAIN & PS_STORE_DOMAIN_SSL to new domain

- Changer _PS_DIRECTORY_ to '/'

- Deleted my browsers temporary files and cookies


Yet the problem remains. I have no idea what to do next. I've seen this problem has been encountered before, but the person didn't give any information and nobody but the author replied to the thread.


Thank you very much.

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I don't understand why but when we upgrade the employee and customer passwords do not.


But to get into bo get the cookie key from config go to a md5 hash site put in the cookie key with a new password I.e gdhdkfhdjsjdjdjddjnewpassword so no comma or space. Then

go to the php admin in cpanel in your database go to ps employee place the new hash in the password of the log in email and save. The you should be able to access bo

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Hello I still have the same issue and this is preventing me from releasing my project. Is there some paid support option somewhere?


Can anyone help me with this?

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Hi Wernesgruner,


Go to phpmyadmin and open table ps_shop_url and update domain, domain_ssl, phisical_uri.

Now you should access BO.

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