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Block Testimonial Module Version 0.5 Support Prestashop v.1.5.x.x


Available in our Store :



post-30874-0-29989600-1349325345_thumb.jpg post-30874-0-80969100-1349325388_thumb.jpg post-30874-0-18247900-1349325397_thumb.jpg post-30874-0-66330900-1349325411_thumb.jpg post-30874-0-26059400-1349325420_thumb.jpg post-30874-0-20396000-1349325425_thumb.jpg post-30874-0-94511000-1349325428_thumb.jpg




blocktestimonial v.0.5

[+] Added compatibility for Prestashop v.1.5.x


blocktestimonial v.0.4

[+] Added compatibility for Prestashop v.1.4.x

[+] Added Testimony per page option on module configuration

[+] Added Range of pagination option on module configuration

[+] Added Height of scrolling content option on module configuration


blocktestimonial v.0.3

[+] Added View All Testimonial on Submit Testimony Form page

[+] Added pagination

[+] Using a new scrolling technique for better performance

[+] No empty space on the scrolling testimonial content


blocktestimonial v.0.2

[*] Improvement has been made to template file. Pure Smarty

[+] Front Office Testimonial Form with mail notification (for administrator/ Moderator)

[+] Validation upon new testimonial

[+] Scrolling testimonial content

[+] Manual submit testimonial form in configuration page (Back office)

[+] easy validate Testimonial in module configuration page (Back office)


blocktestimonial v.0.1

First Released

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