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Override "images.inc.php" file


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Hello, I've modified the imageResize() function in "images.inc.php" file, so the images are "cut to fit" (I hate the white bands around the images), and also add some PHP GD extra options (desaturate image, apply a watermark through a PNG file, etc.).


This "beta" version does these tasks by looking for some parameters in a PHP file included manually in the theme, but this means to change the Prestashop structure (at least the images.inc.php file). I think that the "elegant way" is to make a module in which you can set these tasks for each image type.


Here is my question: is there an "official way" to override "images.inc.php". I know that you can override classes, controllers, etc. using the "override" folder. Can I do the same with the "images.inc.php"?



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