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Linking my shop with facebook fan woorank,seomoz doesn't count it


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I added a facebook like button with a module in my shop. and now i have several 'likes'.

But seo tools like woorank.com and seomoz.org doesn't count it.


I have to do something additional ? i need to link in anyway in facebook or my shop ?





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Hi lars,

Finally i found the solution.

I created my fan page by the facebook wizard, and linked with my site, by the site propierty. And that wasn't recognized by woorank and seomoz.

After i go to the next link http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/

in 'url to like' put you shop, and at the side appears a facebook like button, press it and there's a page for administratos. Click in and appears another kind of facebook fan page. With different propiertis, less options. This page is now linked with your site for tools like woorank and seomoz.


Technically there are two different page. the last is fully linked with your site. I belive that facebook doesn't explain this enough.


I don't know how google likes one or the other.



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