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How to show the full breadcrumb to the Default Category on EVERY product page


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The default behaviour of PrestaShop re breadcrumbs seems a little screwy to me.


Lets say I am on the "CATEGORY A" page and use the search box feature.

Lets say the product I am looking for is somewhere in "CATEGORY A".

If I click the search result it will take me to the product page but the breadcrumb

will only show something like >>category A>>product 123


BUT.... what if the product is actually buried one or two deep in the sub-categories.

Even having the sub-category correctly set as "Default Category" doesn't seem to change this behaviour.


What I really want to see is something like >>category A>>sub-category X>>product 123


It seems screwy because if I happen to be in "CATEGORY B" at the time I do the search,

it WILL return the full breadcrumb trail down to the Default Category.


How can I change this behaviour.


(btw - looks like another Module opportunity for somebody clever).

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