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Unsecure modules on website?


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Hi everyone,


I have been having a lot of trouble trying to sort out my SSL security on my Prestashop. When I load my website (in all browsers) it comes up saying that the page's identity is verified but there are elements of the website that aren't secure.


I've opened the page source and can see some links beginning with "http" but I don't know how to change them. I've loaded up all the .tpl pages and changed them all to "https" but it hasn't worked, so by the looks of it the unsecure parts of my website are the top menu and the slideshow.


I've uploaded it and reinstalled Prestashop several times now but I've run out of ideas. I've uploaded it again with no changes, and I would really appreciate any help. I've tried contacting the people who I brought the template from but they haven't answered.


My website is https://www.intoval.com


Thank you!


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