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problems with history.php


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Some strange thing happened lately on our shop. At least 2 of our customers (but a supose a lot more...), when accessing their history, they see the orders from other clients.


What i have discovered so far:

- all the customers are under the same IP. That's ok, because they all work for a big company. All their connections are under this IP.

- They are not from the same place / computer.


Is this a prestashop bug/security issue, or just a "problem" on their proxy definitions?


Nevertheless, i have to solve or at least give an explanation to our customers...



Prestashop version 1.2.4.



Thanks in advance,


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I've never used the the versions below 1.3.x, but I guess it's about the same. The orders are connected to the customer account IDs which means they must have been logged in on the same account if their orders are showed for the same customer.


When they log in a cookie is set to keep track of the customer and no one else will have this cookie - it seems very unlikely that they somehow "caught" eachothers cookies.


Maybe they borrowed eachothers computers and the person before forgot to log out?

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