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Hi guys,


i am going crazy because i am trying till yesterday to delete the shopname from title on the frontpage. i have tried everything but always getting header errors. i have the german edition 1.3.1


here is the code of /classes/tools.php


static public function getHomeMetaTags($id_lang)
 global $cookie, $page_name;
 /* Metas-tags */
 $metas = Meta::getMetaByPage($page_name, $id_lang);
 $ret['meta_title'] = (isset($metas['title']) AND $metas['title']) ? $metas['title'].' - '.Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME') : Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME');
 $ret['meta_description'] = (isset($metas['description']) AND $metas['description']) ? $metas['description'] : '';
 $ret['meta_keywords'] = (isset($metas['keywords']) AND $metas['keywords']) ? $metas['keywords'] :  '';
 return $ret;

static public function completeMetaTags($metaTags, $defaultValue)
 global $cookie;
 if ($metaTags['meta_title'] == NULL)
  $metaTags['meta_title'] = $defaultValue.' - '.Configuration::get('PS_SHOP_NAME');
 if ($metaTags['meta_description'] == NULL)
  $metaTags['meta_description'] = Configuration::get('PS_META_DESCRIPTION', intval($cookie->id_lang)) ? Configuration::get('PS_META_DESCRIPTION', intval($cookie->id_lang)) : '';
 if ($metaTags['meta_keywords'] == NULL)
  $metaTags['meta_keywords'] = Configuration::get('PS_META_KEYWORDS', intval($cookie->id_lang)) ? Configuration::get('PS_META_KEYWORDS', intval($cookie->id_lang)) : '';
 return $metaTags;


the german forum is almost dead. no reply. i will appreciate it if somebody could help.

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