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Only 2 pages indexed on google


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I have huge problems with the SEO of my site. It has been on the internet for a few months and search engines dose not seem to like to page at all. Only 2 pages are indexed and the links looks weird.




Not even the index page is indexed. Can't even find my site if i search on the exact meta data etc.


Some sites reject my link when trying to analyze it.

For example:


Just gives me "Error:- 400 URL must be absolute" on my domain solbrillor.nu but any other website i try works. other sites that do similar stuff says my URL is broken.


I had a lot of products with the exact name and no text at first, dose google consider it spam or something? I'm changing the names and adding more text to every product.


Dose anyone know whats wrong with the SEO of my site? Help would really be appreciated.


Edit: Apparently I had not added the google sitemap! should probably help...

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When did you publish your website? Google and other search engines' bots may take a while (up to 2 weeks) to crawl and index your website. Generate the sitemap (you have a built in module in prestashop), the .htaccess and robots.txt


Some quick tips:

- forget about meta keywords. They are generally recognized as "spam" and google doesn't use them anymore.

- use meta descriptions. Your products' pages are missing meta descriptions. These will hel a lot with indexing your pages

- you don't have any /very little content. Write more. More content = happy search engines (original content, don't just copy and paste from other websites or you'll generate duplicate content. Duplicate content = angry search engines).

- You don't have h1 titles in product pages. Since the recognition of hyerarchical use of titles (h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6) by search engines is under debate, the h1 title is recommended by Google itself as it is used by bots to determine the page's main argumen and help indexing.

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Thanks for the tips. I'm working on it.


It has been up for a few months. After testing my site with google webmasters it says that my site is blocking the robots or I get a lot of 500 errors. I have a other website hosted on the same server and the indexing worked on that site so it's not a server problem, I think it's something with my presta installation that is causing the problems.



Getting even more 500 server errors when I try to analyze my site at http://validator.w3.org/ dose anyone know what courses this?

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I want to suggest some following step :


Create effective title

Create impressive description

Adding some more content on website

Adding sitemap on site

Create H1, H2 tags on the website

More Concentration on URL

Try to making out perfect URL


I hope this all points are helpful for the your website.


Thanks & Regards,


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Hmm... since your shop as been up and running for some months now I assume that you are not running maintenance mode (that's actually the first cause of 503 server errors with prestashop).


503 issues may be caused also by some php scripts (modules, other websites on your server) delayin too much the html page response time, so google counts it as 503 error (page cannot be reached). You should run a php debug on your server (or ask your provider to do so) to check if any process is causing problems.


You can read more details about the php issue here


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  • 3 weeks later...

When I do new installation of the 1.5 beta on a other domain, all the seo tests give me HTTP status 200, everything works fine, all the pages can be crawled etc. When I copy past my shop to a other domain I still have the same 500 errors. So the problem is in my installation of prestashop and not my web server. I'm hoping updating to 1.5 will solve it but I can't update and try yet.


I put a few WordPress blogs up on my server recently and bots crawl then without any problems at all. But the problem was there before I put them up so they can't be causing it.

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