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hid choose delivery address if only one address is entered


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Hi all, the 'choose delivery address' dropdown on order-address is pretty useless if the customer is a new one, and has only entered one address. I need to remove it if only one address has been entered, similar to the way the invoice address dropdown works.


Has anyone got any ideas? I played about for a while but couldnt suss it..



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I'd like a solution fort this one.


The piece of code responsible is


<label for="id_address_delivery">{if $cart->isVirtualCart()}{l s='Choose a billing address:'}{else}{l s='Choose a delivery address:'}{/if}</label>
  <select name="id_address_delivery" id="id_address_delivery" class="address_select" onchange="updateAddressesDisplay();{if $opc}updateAddressSelection();{/if}">


lines 214 and 215 of order-adresses.tpl


commenting out the first line removes "Choose a delivery address:", but leaves the drop box. Commenting out the second one removes the whole address block.

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