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[SOLVED] urgent help needed with default language and description field for product


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I have a big problem.

Today my shop didn't see anymore the default language.

In BO under languages i see english , french and romanian (default)

I can't change the default language (no option).

I do see it above with english and french….. BUT on the romanian there is a “Warning” sign… Is this why I cant select it???

And what couses this warning and how can i rezolve this problem ???

it aperears the write permisions on the theme folder is causing this (must be set to 777 folder, subfolders and all files).
with the chmod set to 777 for the entire theme folder / subfolder and all files it works.

this is urgent !

problem number 2 :

short description and description of the product is not saving

it returns

1 error :

1. an error occurred while creating object product

the error apears only when i put the short description or full description to the product.

write permisions are ok configured but i still think that a write permision is the cause.

ANSWER : I used an blacklist word : "UNION"

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