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Solution for multi-language prestashop 1.4.X


Go to your database

Find "ps_lang"

Find "iso_code" in "ps_lang" make "char" from 2 to 6


then go to "ps_lang" write in "iso_code" from "xx" to "test"

then go to your .htaccess fil and make "xx" to "test"

from this:

RewriteRule ^xx/contact-us$ /prestashop/contact-form.php?isolang=xx [QSA,L]


RewriteRule ^test/contact-us$ /prestashop/contact-form.php?isolang=test [QSA,L]

We have only make a test locall and it WORKS.................



And you can get it like this www.thepowerbirds.com/test/4-contact-us

see this for CMS


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