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Recently i have deactivated all other languages on my store except for the one that i want. This in turn has removed the .com/lang/ in the address. In my case it was Romanian so it looked like this: .ro/ro/

and now it looks like this .ro/


Was doing what i did a good idea? i was aiming for a simpler url because i didn't need the other languages. Google does not seem to think so though... Webmaster tools seems to keep looking for the original .ro/ro/ address and i went from like 700 web indexed pages in sitemap to just 1 after i resubmitted a new one a week ago... It also shows about 150 pages as 'not found' from the old address form.


It has been about a week and nothing really has changed. Could anyone shed some light on what i should do? Should i go back to the way the address was displayed, or just be a little bit more patient?


Thank you in advance


here is the website if it helps: http://labute.ro

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1) /48-oster

2) /category.php?id_category=48

3) /ro/48-oster

4) /ro/48-oster?p=2


this is what google sais has for the same page.

#1 is the one that i would like to keep

#2 is the version before i enabled friendly url

#3 and 4 are the links to the same page that i had before i only enabled the romanian language and both take you to the website but returns the page not found...


how do i make google or prestashop get rid of or ignore or redirect to the page that i want which is #1?


I am also getting things like:


which also returns a 'page not found'


why is the *de* in there anyway? i dont seem to be able to interpret all this google webaster info. Could somebody please shed some light?


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Hi goanta,


This is an interesting topic which would also influence my PS application. My guess is that as Google bot scans sites in certain periods, next time it comes to yours, it would get the correct links and index your pages right. So it should be just a matter of time till you appear OK in G.



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