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Filter problems Backoffice


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I can't use filter options to list catalog pages or customers. When I click display for example 100 results or just click next page in catalog of products or customers - I get blank page.


Problems started since my host moved my page to different server - they told me to upgrade prestashop - but problem remains. After upgrade to I have also problem with setting date in stats calendar and also there is no data of connection time of the customers.


Also problems with ordering on front page - after loging with user name and password carriers become grey - and clock is turning around. You have to reload page to continue ordering.


Thank you for your help.

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This happened to me yesterday to, as I was moved to new server. And when searching

for solution I found this thread.


After few mails and checking, today my hosting provider found the source of the problem.


I was told that "Varnish Caching" should be disabled for your /admin**** folder.



Tell your provider it should disable it on your prestashop's /admin*** folder.



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