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Page content on CMS wont update


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I have been trying to update information on CMS pages. I can type the text no problem but i cant edit it, for some reason my mouse wont work on this section, so i cant change the font, highlight, centre etc. I can save it, then update in Modules with confiruring Info Block but when i check the content there is nothing?.


Please can someone help I'm desperate!. I have checked with the guy that installed Prestashop for me and he has no idea whats wrong. He can update my CMS from his compter with no problem, but i cant do anything that stays in CMS. Could this be a bug problem?. I'm not a whizz kid if this is the problem but there must be a solution!


Any help greatly appreciated!



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i know this is an old thread but just incase anyone reads this.

  • make sure you are using the latest browser
  • try a different browser
  • do you have javascript installed
  • has a popup blocker or script blocker kicked in
  • empty your browser cache and then restart it
  • apply all windows updates and then restart your PC
  • make sure you have not got any explicit or implicit cache rules in your htaccess that is causing a damaged copy of the editor to be cached

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