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Automatically add another product to cart


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I am using version of Prestashop.


For some reason, when a product is added to cart, I'd like another one to be automatically added too.


For example I add Product1 to cart and Product2 is automatically also without requiring any user action.


Result in cart is


Product1 - 10$

Product2 - 1$

- - - -

Total 11$


Thanks in advance for helping

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Ok I finally found the solution


Then I added some custom fields in product.tpl belonging to the formular of the product (which contains productID, quantity, ...)


When I try to get my custom values in URL, I just see values "token" "productID" "ajax" "ipa" but other values on the form including the custom combobox that I added before are not in URL


Could you help me understanding why ?


Is there any filter for the values which are sent in URL ? if yes, where is it set ?



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Hi, I am interested in this module, but I see it has some features that need information: 


1 -. I think a hidden within a product category and value $ 0 


The product was successfully added to the shopping cart, but the problem I see is that the product can also be purchased (without adding another product to the customer and then it will cost $ 0) 


If active option that can not be sold, the cart gives error, if not disable add to cart, then I should do for this gift products are not available for sale, this can not be added as only one product, as you can not raise the amount of the gift. 


A greeting and thanks.

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