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Adressbar missing product title using multiple languages


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Hi folks,


I've finally managed to (almost) finish my first prestaShop, and from all the suffer I had to go through there's basically just on thing remaining.. here's the problem:

The links inside the page are perfectly converted by friendlyUrl and look like this one:



Clicking that link takes me to the desired page, no problem so far. However, when the page has finally loaded, the URL in the adressbar of the browser looks like this:



I had the exact same problem before and managed to fix it by adding a language-index to ->product_title, so it was like ->product_title[$lang_id]. I just can't find the piece of code I need to edit for the adressbar to work... I'd assume it's some javascript using location.replace?! But where??


Thanks, Martin/toi

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Alright, in case anyone is ever having this issue, you will need to edit Link.php or even better override it. The function is called getProductLink().


$id_product->link_rewrite is an array and needs $id_lang as it's index. This probably won't work as expected, but with a little tweaking I got it working. If you need the entire code, drop me a PM.

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