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how to edit content in modules


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Hi I am a presta shop newbie and am trying to edit the content in the right side column.

I understand the MVC structure and that prestashop uses Smarty but I am not sure how to edit content the way I want.


In the themes directory, I created my own theme folder and in there, I find the header.tpl, index.tpl and footer.tpl. The footer.tpl has the right side column div.

<div id="right_column" class="column">




Instead of the default smarty code that brings up modules, I just want to have three call out images. So I coded it like so:

<div id="right_column" class="column">

<img src="img/ad_freeshipping.jpg"><br />

<img src="img/ad_facebook.jpg"><br />

<img src="img/ad_jets.jpg.jpg"><br />



However, it makes no difference.


I can edit the global.css just fine but I can't seem to change anything else.

How can I edit modules or templates the way I want?


Thanks in advance,


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