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Like most e-commerce platforms, Prestashop doesn't currently encrypt very much personal data. Passwords are hashed with md5 and have a user-specific salt, but the rest of the customer data - postal address, email, telephone number - are stored in the clear.


Are there any plans to introduce this in the near future? Has anyone already done so with their own customised platform?


We're currently developing with Prestashop and see this feature as essential for the security of our business. If we ever get hacked, at least we'll be able to contact users and say "Unfortunately, our server has been hacked. However, we used really strong encryption on all of the data you provided and the chances of anyone managing to crack it are extremely low."


If we do modify the core to allow easier encryption of customer data, is there a recommended way of contributing the code back to the Prestashop core project for possible inclusion in later releases? That would make our lives easier, and hopefully help out by giving something back.

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