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Site description in Google.


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My site description in Google is not that of the Meta Description as I want. Can anyone assist me?


Search for Edward Wilson Photography in Google.



I've searched everywhere including the modules and I'm stuck.


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So you have a totally different meta description than Google show?


Completely different. The text on Google doesn't even come from the home page.


The attachement I've included shows the meta description that it should be.



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This is usually an indication that the search engine doesn't consider the description you've provided matches the page content. As Madrileño said above, the generation of the snippets are automated. There are only two ways to "solve" this -- either change the wording of the meta description to be consistent with the keywords on the page or change the page content to be consistent with the description ;)


The meta description is only a suggestion, so best make it a good one....



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