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I want to implement a custom image slider on the product categories page on the top. The idea is I have 2 product categories - A & B


Inside product category A -> 1 , 2 , 3 are the three different products


Inside product category B-> 4, 5 are two different products


What I need is an image slider that shows in the landing page of A with images of product 1,2 and 3 and when somebody comes to the landing page of B they see the images of product 4 and 5 in the slider.


Now there are two ways to go about it as I have understood so far.

1. Using an existing prestashop module (commercial/non commercial) . So far I havent found any such image slider that is specific to my requirement. If someone is aware of such module please share the link. I'd much appreciate it.


2. Developing my own slider: Coding is fine to me as long as someone points me to the right direction in the start

a. Category.php is the page where the slider must come in. So I am assuming in my theme (categories.tpl) file will expect a custom hook somewhere at the top where the slider module is supposed to come in. Over here can somebody please guide me out. I have created my custom hook and registered it in the PS_HOOK table. However I am unclear on what modifications are needed so that I can correctly implement the hook . I seek details of modifications needed in the file

(/[base directory]/controllers/CategoryController.php)


b. Module. Is there a way of implementing the slider images simply through basic php without involving smarty in prestashop. Just simple php queries to the database and making a slider logic based on the values returned from the queries.


Thanks a lot


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