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Modify tpl files (theme deco_evo)


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I tried hours now to change something on the look&feel of a new template I installed (deco-evo). Until now, I thought, all changes need to be made in the tpl-files, either in the theme's folder or within the modules.


Now, with Prestashop 1.4.3, I can change whatever I like within the tpl-files without happening anything... I even deleted bigger paragraphs, but in the frontend, it all stays as it is. I tried with several files, nothing happens.


Example 1:

I changed in the header.tpl file in the theme folder the logo.jpg to logo.png. After saving and reloading the page, the shop still referring to logo.jpg (i tried everything with new starting the browser, deleting browser cache etc.). I even can delete this passage with no result.


Example 2:

I try to add a facebook link somewhere in the navigation area manually (manually, because the link behind is in form of a "form", so I can't have it configured in a standard way. In the modules folder, there is a subfolder called menunav, which comes from the theme, where a file called menunav.tpl is stored. I added it there to the navigation area --> no result. doesn't matter what i add there, it doesn't show up. I can even delete the whole navigation structure in this file, there's nothing happening in the frontend.


Does anyone have an idea, where the error could be?


Best regards and many thanks for your ideas...



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