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<SOLVED> Need a little help with pagination


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Hello All,<br/>I need a little help with this one.<br/><br/>The feedback page shows at the moment 5 feedbacks on each page but i want to show 6 or 9 items on a page but after a lot off trying i give up and decided to ask some help to point me in the right direction.<br/><br/>The problem is in the jQuery Easy paginate plugin i think, here you must set the correct setting to show how many items you want to show on a page.<br/>I did searched and seems that the Step option should be the option ( i think ) it is now set on 4 but i have 5 items on a page, when i change this value nothing changes.<br/>Did i miss something here or does i need to change something else ?<br/>If i do not use pagination then i have all feedbacks on one page so the settings needs to be done in the easypaginate.js to shows the correct amount off feedbacks on a page.<br/><br/>The screenshot is how it shows now and what i want.<br/>I also attach the js file so that you can see how it looks and maybe you can let me know what to change to make it work.<br/><br/>Thanks,<br/><br/>Best regards,<br/><br/>ysco..



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Hello angora,


Thanks for your reply ;)


Well as you have seen in the .js file i attached you have a option part where the step is 4 as default.Seems changing this step does nothing at all, even when i comment out this step nothing will change.


Yes i also did have a look on that site to get some info but i can not find.

For some reason the step is not linked correct with the other code i think.

Well i have cache off and force compile on and no css combined and also browser cache cleared and tested on a few browsers.

Further all is working but i do want that it shows a even number off items to show because it is not looking great this way.






Solved thanks to my friend Lazar.




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