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Question about SVN access to branches/patch releases


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Hi all,

I do have a question about the presta team's strategy to handle bug fix releases and whether they give access to SVN patch branches.

I currently have a test environment based on but I do have quite a few changes of my own on top of that. I'd like to know whether prestashop team does create a,, etc... branch for patch releases with bug fixes for any bugs reported on so that I can rebase to the new branch or tag.

I don't seem to have access to any branches under http://svn.prestashop.com/branches/1.4.* (acccess forbidden).

Also, I don't see any changes on the tag on top of just having the tag created from trunk. Also, tag doesn't seem to exist.

Let me know and thanks a lot, Rgds,

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Oh, ok, so is prestashop team creating tags for patch releases as well? let's say will there be a tag created containing bug fixes for bugs found on on top of the tag (but without any of the new ongoing development on release).

I checked and at least so far there isn't a tag created, but maybe is a bit too early ...

Let me know, thanks,

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