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I want to start off by first saying that I am very pleased with prestashop and will not be changing anytime soon :)

However I do have a couple of things against her that really disgust me :( So here is some constructive criticism that I hope will be addressed soon :)


No Minimum purchase in Groups - What in the world? This could be done in the versions prior to Has a module been created yet and is it FREE, or do I have to purchase it? I feel really feel bad for the people who had the code written in order.php before the upgrade, only to be surprised later by your changes. This just seems wrong.


Can't create orders - Every opensource shopping cart should allow the admin to add orders, and not for an additional cost, but for FREE. I mean really, I do get oders from other sources other than my website. Pay Pal is a good alternative, but I should not have to create an order outside of my website where it could possibly be forgotten.

Now with all that said thank you PrestaShop for a really great opensource shopping cart that is FREE of charge. I really do appreciate it :)

With Kind Regards

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