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[Solved] Adding new category programaticaly


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I'm working on a free app that should be able to add new categories.
I'm investigating the ps_category table. I know that level_depth, nleft and nright fields are used for quicker building of the nested hierarchy structure of the Categories. However when adding new category with blank level_depth, nleft and nright it is still visible inside the Categories Block and inside BackOffice.

My question is - are level_depth, nleft and nright in Category table required and used at all?

Many thanks!

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level_depth used in getCategories(..... $order = true ... ) for ordinating. So its important for a lot of modules/functions use it.

nleft and nright is required too. Eg: its used in breadcrumb, navigation etc. But i advice that
you can ınsert as blank/Null them while adding a new row.
than execute


This function Re-calculates the values of all branches of the nested tree for all categories. Than updates them less than a second.


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